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We can perform data recovery from all brands and types of hard drives. Among other: ide/ata, sata, SCSI, laptop, and all other magnetic data carriers and optical media formats such as CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. We have knowledge of all makes hard drives including desktop, laptop, server, raid and external hard drives. Data Recovery from hard disks damaged by water, raid systems, arrays and servers, from hard drives having been exposed to peak voltages, lightning or other problems with the system’s power. We can also perform an advanced data recovery for RAID server arrays for all operating systems including:

  • Windows server

  • Linux

  • Mac

  • Unix

Data recovery at sector or forensic level

This means that we start all data recovery actions from the moment the hard drive was last used and that the recovered data is copied exactly the way you have saved your data.

The Hardeschijfdokter.nl is a good choice for raid data recovery because a whole team of experts in raid data recovery and server recovery is available. This team of experts has access to knowledge derived from generally accepted research results. This is what makes us professionals. Our raid data recovery team is knowledgeable in the area of terra byte servers used in major financial institutions and other large corporations.

Data recovery is also possible for deleted files. This data recovery is also performed at sector level and the entire hard disk is scanned for files. In the main menu, click on tariffs to determine the cost for data recovery.

The Hardeschijfdokter already has several years of experience in data recovery on a no cure no pay basis. Our research and development in data recovery techniques makes it possible to perform the most complex data recoveries.


Data recovery from hard disks damaged by water

Data Recovery from hard disks damaged by water must be performed as soon as possible as the fresh or salt water affects the delicate platters inside the hard disk: these platters will corrode fast. The sooner the hard disk is submitted for data recovery, the greater the chance that the data can still be recovered.

Each data recovery may require a different approach. After analyzing the hard drive (at no cost) we will report our findings to you. It is then up to you to decide if we will continue the data recovery process. And of course: no cure, no pay.


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