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Lost your data such as e-mail addresses, favorites in your web browser, your documents and data in the My Documents folder?

All seemingly lost data on the hard disk can be read and put on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.
E-mail addresses and e-mail messages are saved in an import file so you can easily import the data onto your computer containing a newly installed operating system.

The partitions and drives which are recoverable are FAT32, NTFS, ata, serial ata, ata raid, serial ata raid, hfs and hfs +. The last two partitions are specifically for the Mac computer.


New system

When purchasing a new system, just send the old hard drive to us to have your data secured. This will allow you to easily import or copy the data onto your computer.

By installing and using software or surfing on the internet, viruses may infect your computer causing loss of your data. Viruses exist that disable your hard drive or seemingly delete your data. This data is recoverable, too.



Do not try to recover data yourself: the more you do, the more difficult it will be for us to recover the data.

Even when a hard disk is not recognized anymore, caused by malfunctioning of the electronic components, the data may be recovered in most cases by replacing the printed circuit board (PCB). This process is more time consuming as an identical hard disk must be found, which may not always be in stock.



It is also possible that the mechanism in the hard disk is broken. Symptoms usually are a ticking sound.

Although it is often possible to recover data in cases like this, we cannot guarantee that the "hardeschijfdokter" will be able to recover the data. After consultation with the customer, the hard disk can be sent to a company with a so-called clean room. At a competitive rate, they are often able to recover the data. Again, we will not take any action without our customers’ prior approval.

It is often difficult to tell in advance what exactly is wrong with a hard disk. Only after having analyzed the disk we are able to inform you about the possibilities of recovering the data. This first analysis is totally FREE. For more information, click on the “Tariffs” button in the menu.



When applicable, our rates are including shipping cost for returning your hard drive and CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.

How does it work?


Packing and sending

Pack your hard disk in a cardboard box, filled with styrofoam or other shock absorbing material. Make sure to put the hard disk in an antistatic pouch (new hard disks come in these pouches). Mail the box to us by registered mail through TNT Post. Also put a note in the box containing your name and address, telephone number and e-mail address and indicate what the problem is and what data needs to be recovered. Shipping cost will be around € 10.00. After we have analyzed the disk we will inform you about our findings and how to proceed.



If it turns out that, after the analysis, the data cannot be recovered, you can choose to have your hard disk returned to you. The disk will be shipped after payment of € 10,00 has been received.




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