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Industry parts you need to know.

In this sector we have a lot of upgraded post offices.

The so-called branches are no more than an office where you can hand over your hard drive.

This will then be forwarded to the relevant head office to carry out data recovery.

Because it is often your personal history or company information, you still want to know what your options are. With almost all recovery companies, you will be able to stay outside in anticipation of the research on your hard disk.

Why would I have the hard drive doctor recover my data?

With us we look directly at your hard drive and you immediately have an indication of what the possibilities are.

A clean room is only necessary for an internal fault. This can be a ticking hard disk.

For all other faults, a standard recovery can provide a solution that we take care of ourselves.

The advantage of this is the price of the recovery. We are then 60 percent cheaper than other companies in this sector.

If your hard disk needs a clean room treatment.

We do not have a clean room but we have tested a number of clean rooms for their price and quality. We kept the best and made a price agreement. This way you are assured of an experienced Data Recovery Engineer working on your hard disk.

How does the procedure work?

I only work by appointment but just call before you come is enough.

During the intake I do an analysis and take the possibilities with you.

With a successful recovery, there will be a report of the data sent via e-mail.

After approval, the question will be asked where the data should come.

Only when everything is completed follows an invoice. If this is satisfied you can pick up the package or have it delivered.

I can not read the report.

The report is a text printout of the data that has been recycled. This is packed in a zip file. If it is too large, we can send it via transfer. Usually this can be sent with an attachment in the email. You have to unpack this first and you can view it with a text editor.