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Windows Data Recovery

The operating system for Windows has specific features regarding Data Recovery. It can be used on many storage media. 3,5 inch hard drive 2,5 inch hard drive Micro drive Flash Card Raid systems Laptop Notebook DVD CD These can be used on all media in different configurations. Fat 32 and / or ntfs are often used. These two types of partitions require a different approach. Data sheets are the result when data is not recovered correctly.

Important !!!

In case of a crash of your hard disk. Secure your data in this situation. Do not use the hard disk if an operating system is installed and in use. Do not install software on this hard disk. Do not open the hard disk at the top because it can only be opened in a clean room. Dust particles in the air pollute the hard disk and come between the read heads and the plates where the data are stored in magnetic fields. This works so accurately that any deviation from this results in corrupted files and the data is inevitably destroyed and can no longer be recovered.