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We take every data recovery confidential in treatment.

In addition to being connected to the ICT Guarantee Fund, we handle every data recovery on exchangeable mediums. After the treatment, it is disconnected again and stored in our system in an accurate way.

Experiences with

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Fast clear and competitively priced recovery!

"From the beginning it was clear, my data could be retrieved. This was made clear by means of a scan. The scan is completely free. Then I went by to drop a disc to put my data back on. This went smoothly and had the drive back in no time. I therefore recommend the because it is quickly familiar and transparent. No ambiguity about costs, no right before they know where you stand. I am very happy with all the photos and data that I would have lost forever. Thanks! Bad

Fast, reliable for a competitive price!

"After my external hard drive with it stopped, which is a terrible experience, with almost 3 TB of photos and other data from the last 5 year, my great hero" Jan Tettero "the only real hard drive doctor from NL after a free analysis can retrieve my data again and has accomplished this on a fast and reliable working method, and that for a very competitive price! Eternally grateful !" H v Geugten

Fast effective service

"Jan found and recovered the files of our crashed MacbookPro harddisc within a short time. At the Applestore they could not find the files and they referred me to the Jan immediately checked if he could see the files when I brought the disc. Jan is easy going and friendly. I would certainly recommend him. " Inge

Frequently ask

Why should I have my recovery done at the hard drive doctor?
By means of a free analysis we look at what exactly is wrong with your hard disk.

If a clean room recovery is not necessary, we will not execute it, which saves you a lot of money.

There are many players on the market who carry out a clean room recovery, but not all players are competent.

We have tested many data recovery companies for their price and quality and have kept the best of them. Here we have made a price agreement and thus you are assured of an experienced data recovery engineer working on your hard disk.

On a YouTube video is so easy to see how you repair your hard drive.
However, this is not true. It is more fortunate than chance. The read heads must be fine-tuned to the platters up to 1 micron.
Any deviation or dust particles prevent its proper functioning, hence a clean room to replace the read head.
If I put my hard drive in the freezer, this would be a solution to get my data back.
The simple answer is no. Condensation forms in the hard disk due to the cold. After this, this will leave a residue on the platters so that it has to be cleaned to be legible again.