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General data recovery


Data recovery consists of retrieving lost data on a medium. This is most common with a hard drive. A number of faults are the cause of this. The first thing you notice is that the hard disk is no longer visible in the computer. Switching off and on again is the first thing you try to see if the fault is corrected. Then the connection cable is checked to see if this is the problem. Usually when the data is not visible there will be a problem somewhere here but sometimes not. The reason that the data is not visible is because the hard disk has a problem with the proper functioning of a mechanism, the electronics or the partition is damaged. Every problem has its own characteristics and is often not recognizable to someone who happens this. It is then important to do the right actions to prevent damage to the data. A hard disk should never be opened at the top outside of a clean room. Later in this story it will be explained why this is so.

Operation of a hard drive

A hard drive consists of a housing, electronics board, motor, reading plates and reading head. Data is stored on the read plates of the hard disk by means of magnetism. With a modern hard disk, the development of this technology has put the data so close together that a hard disk can be so big. As a result, there can be absolutely no disruption in the operation of a hard disk. Pollution in a hard disk can be one of the reasons why a hard disk does not function properly. This is caused by the fact that the hard disk has been opened outside a clean room. The mechanism is so sensitive because every substance has a level of magnetism. Dust particles come between the reading plates and the read head and are spread over a larger surface. As a result, the reading head will not have full contact with the reading plates and a deviation is caused on the reading plates. Larger dust particles can scratch the reading plates and reading head. This is because the reading head is sucked into the reading plates during reading or discs. The data will become corrupt and data recovery will no longer offer a solution to recover the data.

Damaged partition

With a damaged or corrupted partition, the data will not be visible, the hard disk will spin normally and will connect to the computer. The spinning seems most like the buzzing of an electric motor, which is actually the same. The hard disk must not be tapped or hummed. If the hard disk makes a ticking sound, it will probably have another fault as the cause. The cause of this can be a poor connection of the data cable. But the software or the operating system can also have contributed to this. Failure to properly unmount software from a hard disk will ensure that the partition is not properly closed. If this is done regularly, the partition will become so corrupt that it can no longer be read by the system. The system of a partition keeps track of which data is in use and is therefore open. If you interrupt the power here then the partition will have a fault. At a next time there will be an error so that a partition is no longer clear for the operating system. Scan control is possible here but can lead to data loss if there is a serious problem. A software-based data recovery is possible here.

Damage to electronics

In the event of a failure in the electronics, the hard disk will not do anything. There is no buzzing noise and the power supply will often go out because the hard disk may have a short circuit in the electronics. The power supply of the computer or external case may also fail. If there is an LED on the power supply, it will often flash or go out. It is also possible that the hard disk has no closure and does nothing but the power continues to function. The electronics can fail in various ways. The best known in this type of fault is peak voltage. This can be caused by a bad diet but lightning is the best known in this story. Lightning is in fact DC voltage and this charge can jump at short distances. This is as you can see the lightning strike by a flash. In small, this can also be done on the switch of an extension cord. And even if it is switched off, the peak voltage can still reach the equipment and damage the electronics. Disrupting the power at your energy supplier is not the problem. The problem arises when the energy comes back. Large parts of the energy grid will have a slightly higher value where a bad power supply can not compensate for this and will pass the higher voltage to the electronics, resulting in the burning of the electronics of the hard disk. This type of fault can usually be repaired outside a cleanroom, but in some cases the internal part may also be damaged and a cleanroom recovery will be necessary.

Faults at the read head or motor

A common problem is tapping, squeaking or rattling a hard disk. Usually this is caused by the falling or bumping of the hard disk. A hard drive that is switched on will be more sensitive to this if it is switched off. Sometimes falling over a hard disk is enough to cause this interference. The reading head as large as the eye of a needle will become bent and deviate for what its original position should be. This means that a mechanism can not read the data track and will jump back to the starting position. Here comes a shot or metal plate that causes this tick. It is also possible that the reading head is bent unhappily. The edges on the reading plates will start to scratch and the data from the reading plates will be scraped off so that data recovery is no longer possible. That is why it is important that a ticking hard disk is switched off immediately to prevent further damage. A cleanroom recovery is the only possibility to recover data from a hard disk with this failure. The motor or bearings in the hard disk can also be a problem. You can hear this by humming the hard disk. The hard disk reading plates will not be able to run at speed and the data can not be read properly. The chance of damage to the reading plates will therefore be small and data recovery in a cleanroom is the only possibility to recover the data. The chance of successful data recovery will be possible.